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Pre Insulated Terminals

We hold a comprehensive range of high quality pre insulated terminals. All terminals have flared entry for ease of use with excellent connectivity using a ratchet crimping tool.
The PVC insulation forms an integral part of the terminal and is colour coded to identify the conductor size. Red insulation: 0.5 – 1.5mm². Blue insulation: 1.5 – 2.5mm². Yellow insulation: 4.0 – 6.0mm².
Pre insulated terminals are available with the following connectors- Ring, butt, male spade, female spade, piggy back, male bullet, female bullet, pin, fork, blade, snap lock tap, flag & closed end. Female spades are also available with full insulation. Fully insulated spades are available in the Lucar type which has nylon insulation with brass body.
Popular terminals include: Red Female Spade Fully Insulated 6.6mm, Blue Female Spade Fully Insulated 6.6mm, Blue Butt Connector 4.5mm, Red Butt Connector 4.0mm, Yellow Ring 6.4mm, Yellow Ring 8.4mm, Red Ring 4.3mm & Blue Ring 6.6mm
All spades, piggy backs and bullets have copper inserts for anti-vibration.


Assorted Pre Insulated Terminal. Connectors: Ring, Butt, Male Spade, Fully Insulated Female, Piggy Back, Bullet, Pin, Fork, Blade, Flag, Snap Lock TapPre Insulated Crimp Terminals. Blue, Red & Yellow Fully Insulated Female Spade Connector. PVC Insulation With Copper Insert For Anti VibrationPre Insulated Terminals On Cable. Red Ring 4.3mm & Female Spade 6.6mm Connectors 0.5 – 1.5mm Conductor Size. Crimped With Ratchet Crimping Tool

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