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Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Our stainless steel roller ball cable ties are available in 304 (A2) grade and 316 (A4, Marine & Food) grade. 316 Grade stainless steel cable ties are also available with a black or red polyester coating (Polyester coated body with uncoated head). Polyester coating provides added edge protection & prevents corrosion between dissimilar metals.
High carbon stainless steel cable ties can be used in applications of extreme high temperature. These ties have excellent resistance to weathering and ageing and offer 100% UV resistance. Ideal for use in harsh and demanding environments or where the application requires reliability, high strength and fire resistance.
Available in 4.6mm width & 7.9mm width with a single ball head and 12mm width with a double ball head for extra strength and stability. The ball bearing locking mechanism locks into place securely and quickly providing easy installation either by hand or tensioning tool.

Ladder type stainless steel cable ties are self locking for fast, easy application. The multi locking mechanism on the ladder strip means it can be applied with or without a tensioning tool. Positive lock, ideal for applications with no compression. Fully UV resistant.
Stainless steel cable ties provide an easy method of securing cables in wiring installations to meet the requirements of the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulation.
Used in numerous industries, such as: Offshore, renewable energy/ solar, aerospace, mining, marine, ship building, food industry, wiring installation, chemical plant.
Bespoke sizes or colours can be produced for larger volumes. We can supply any length you require

Stainless steel banding is available in 12mm & 19mm widths on reels of 30m in high tensile 201 grade and 304 grade. Can be used for multiple applications in various industries as a general purpose fastening band. Strap Thickness: 0.8mm. Commonly used with knock down type stainless steel buckles which can be used with a tensioning tool.
Our stainless steel cable ties are high quality, UL approved & ROHS compliant. We offer discounted rates for bulk orders and volume usage. Call us to discuss your requirement.


316 A4 Marine/ Food Grade Stainless Steel Cable Ties 12mm Double Ball Bearing Lock, 7.9 & 4.6mm Single Roller Ball Uncoated Metal. Fully UV Resistant 304 A2 Grade Stainless Steel Cable/ Zip Tie. Black/ Red Polyester Coated Fixing For Wiring Installations In Line With 18th Edition Wiring Regulation 316 A4 Grade Stainless Steel Ladder Cable Ties/ Tie Wraps for Renewable Energy/ Solar & Offshore Industries. Permanent, Fire Resistant Metal Fastener201 or 304 grade stainless steel banding. 12 & 19mm strap. Reel of 30m general purpose fixing/ fastening band used with buckles & a tensioning tool

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